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Prep Pad, 20s

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Need additional alcohol Prep Pads for application of your remaining Magic Press nail tips? We've got you covered!
Packed in a box of 20 individually sealed foil wrapper for hygiene and single-use, using Prep Pad before Magic Press application increases the adhesion and wear of your Magic Press nails.


  • Removes moisture, natural oil and dirt from the nail surface and cuticles before applying Magic Press.
  • Removal of moisture and oil from the nail surface with Prep Pad improves the adhesion and long-wear of Magic Press nails.
  • TIP!: Please avoid water, oil or any forms of moisture for at least 1 hour after application of Magic Press nail tips to allow the adhesive to set. For more how-to and FAQs on applying and maintaining Magic Press nails, head here.



  • Do not use if there are any wounds, infections or problems on your hand, nails or surrounding skin.
  • This product is disposable and should not be used more than once.
  • Storage and Handling:
    - Please keep product out of reach from infants and children.
    - Do not store in hot or cold places or in direct sunlight.
    - Highly flammable. Please keep away from heat and fire.


  • 20 pieces of individually packed alcohol Prep Pad


  • Isopropyl alcohol 70%


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