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Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Magic Press Nails

How do I properly use Magic Press nails?

Why is there a plastic film on each Magic Press nail tip?

Maintaining Magic Press Nails

How long does Magic Press stay on?

What does that mean?

Why does that matter?

So will Magic Press nails come off when I wash my hair or wash my hands?

What is “pressure sensitive adhesion”?

Can I reuse Magic Press nail tips with nail glue?

What is the expiration period for Magic Press?

Removing Magic Press Nails

How do I remove Magic Press nails?

Will Magic Press damage my natural nails?

Magic Press Sizes and Styles

What if I cannot find the correct Magic Press nail tip size?

Can I adjust the length of Magic Press nail tips?

Why are there limited number of pieces and sizes of nail tips with fancy designs within a Magic Press set?

All About Magic Gel Strips/ Gloss Nail Palettes

What are Magic Gel Strips?

What is the difference between Magic Gel Strips and Gloss Nail Palettes?

How do I apply and remove Magic Gel Strip correctly?

Do I need to cure Magic Gel Strip with a UV lamp?

How long will Magic Gel Strip last?

Will Magic Gel Strips damage my natural nails?

Can I reuse Magic Gel Strips?

Product Safety

Are Magic Press or Magic Gel Strips safe for pregnant women?

Order and Shipping

What payment methods do you accept?

What currency does the store charge in?

What is your return policy?

Where do you ship?

What are your shipping fees?

How long is the order processing and shipping time?

How do I track my shipment?


Do you take custom design orders?

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